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The Best At Home Fitness Equipment​

You want to get fit easily, lose weight and build muscles? You can now save yourself the time-consuming trip to the gym and the annoying monthly fee. We show you the best 10 sports equipment for the fitness room at home.

Fitness tracker on the wrist

The prerequisite for improved fitness is that you move more. For the entry into the new sporty lifestyle you should therefore first determine the starting position. What about your daily exercise? A fitness bracelet also controls how many steps you take each day and how many calories you burn. The device also gives you recommendations on how you can increase your fitness in everyday life. When you reach these goals, it rewards you and motivates you to continue – the personal trainer on your wrist!
Price: Fitness trackers are available in stores from around 30 euros.


In the gym, the crosstrainer is the most popular endurance machine and therefore unfortunately often already occupied. This cannot happen with your own crosstrainer at home. The crosstrainer involves the muscles of the whole body and is particularly easy on the joints. The workout also burns many calories: Up to 700 kilocalories per hour are lost on the crosstrainer.
Price: An affordable crosstrainer is available from around 190 euros.


Rain, snow or excessive heat – the weather plays no role for training on the treadmill. There is hardly a training device that makes you sweat more than the treadmill. The advantage compared to running in the air: You can adjust the incline according to your mood and desire and control your training speed very precisely. The only drawback: Compared to other training equipment, treadmills are often very large and loud. However, there are also models that can be folded up to save space.
Price: Treadmills are available from specialist retailers from around 180 euros.

3 Tips For Beginners Working Out

Key tips to help you get more out of your workouts. Are you frustrated with your lack of results? Follow these tips now:

Tip #1 - Patience & Consistency!

Muscle building takes time, as does fat loss, whether you use it easily or not. It requires patience, consistency and a lot of work. This is a hard fight. If your progress stagnates after a few months of training, you can increase your training weights, add new exercises to your training plan and optimize your diet. Just don't give up!

Tip #2 - Don't forget to warm up!

Always start by warming up your muscles first, as warm muscles with blood circulation can absorb stimuli from stress more quickly. Use one of the many cardio machines to warm up in your gym. At home, a skipping rope or puppet exercises are ideal for warming up the whole body quickly and improving blood circulation. Another effective and additional warm-up method is that you complete 1-2 very light sets with 15-20 repetitions during the initial exercise. For example when pressing the bench with the empty bar. Such warm-up kits or exercises can protect you from painful injuries or muscle tears!

Tip #3 - Train the right muscle groups at the beginning!

Always start by training the big muscle groups like back, legs, chest! Thighs, latisimus or chest exercises are particularly suitable for fast muscle building. When training these muscle groups, you automatically train smaller and smaller muscle groups such as biceps, triceps or shoulders. Only after you have completely trained a large muscle group, go to a smaller muscle group.

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