Training With Dumbbells At Home: The Right Way

In television advertising, it looks child’s play. But barbell training is far more demanding than some people think. Because unlike equipment training, the athlete moves the weights freely, his body has no support.

Keeping the torso stable

You have the weights in your hands and have to keep the rest of your body, especially the trunk, stable during the exercises. If this does not succeed, the joints are slightly overloaded or even damaged. A stable posture requires a good body feeling and a pronounced coordination ability. Both can be learned and practiced, best under qualified guidance. They offer courses in sports clubs or individual lessons with a physiotherapist, sports teacher or personal trainer. It is important that an expert controls and corrects the movements. In this way, incorrect postures or movements can be avoided.

In a club or fitness studio, you can usually test a number of different dumbbells. Dumbbells, aerobic dumbbells with hand loops or weight cuffs are ideal for home use. They require little storage space and can be used in a variety of ways. However, they are demanding in terms of coordination: you have a dumbbell in each hand and have to perform all movements very precisely. Stabilisation is easier with barbells, i.e. a long bar with weights at both ends.

Dumbbell must not be slippery

For rental dumbbells as well as for the purchase of your own equipment, the following applies: The hand must firmly enclose the handle. It must not be slippery, even if the hands get a little wet. Corrugations or perforations are helpful. Stemper points out safety aspects: The device should have a recognised test mark. The locking system for the weights must be easy to release and lock. Neither the handles nor the rod should show any uncleanly processed areas or edges.

The weight is decisive for the training intensity. If you want to change it depending on the exercise, your daily condition or your training progress, you are well served with one or two dumbbell bars and variably attachable disc sets. Weight plates are available in iron or with rubber coating. Training specialists recommend using rubber sheaths for practical reasons: They protect the ground and cause less noise during training.

Use these tips to correctly execute your dumbbell exercises!